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Life Cervical Pilow 50x70 - Nanofibers

De la Green Future

115 lei

Livrare: 09.10.2019 - 10.10.2019

The fatigue associated with poor sleep is more intense than the fatigue accumulated during the day. In most cases, fatigue comes from back and neck pain. This is generally due to inappropriate choice of pillows. Considering the importance of spinal allignment during sleep, Life cervical pillow 50x70 was designed with a nanofiber inner tube at the lower part, firmer than the rest of the pillow, while the upper part, also filled with nanofiber, offers the comfort of a healthy sleep.

The fabric of this pillow is made of 100% cotton and the filling is nanofiber, a goose dawn-like fiber. It is a perfect choice for allergy-prone people, ensuring the conditions for a really healthy and restful sleep. Life cervical pillow is specially designed for side sleepers. Made in Romania.

Recommended use:

  • The pillow must always be used with a pillow cover for protection.
  • The product is recommended for indoor use, in an environment with normal temperature and humidity.
  • We recommend weekly airing the room and exposing the product to fresh air, to prevent mold and accumulation of moisture.
  • The product is not intended for use in humid environments. Avoid liquid leakage and accumulation of moisture in Green Future products.
  • Maintain the pillow according to the information on the label attached.
Dimensiuni 50x70 cm
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