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Life Kids Duvet

Brand Green Future • Code 5942661001277

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199 Lei

Your child needs a warm duvet to feel comfortable at night. Well, Life Kids duvet is a great choice. Made of 100% nanofiber, this product is antiallergenic, so your baby will wake up Feeling great every morning.

Even when the temperature gets lower at dawn, the little one will sleep undisturbed.The thermal insulation allows the duvet to perfectly adjust to the body temperature. The nanofibers have air-flow properties, keeping the duvet fresh day after day. This type of filler mimics the characteristics of goose dawn.

Recommended use:

  • The duvet must always be used with a duvet cover for protection.
  • The product is recommended for indoor use, in an environment with normal temperature and humidity.
  • We recommend weekly airing the room and exposing the product to fresh air, to prevent mold and accumulation of moisture.
  • The product is not intended for use in humid environments. Avoid liquid leakage and accumulation of moisture in Green Future products.
  • Maintain the duvet according to the information on the label attached.


Sizes 100x135 cm
Length 135 cm
Width 100 cm