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Nature Mattress 90x200
  • Nature Mattress 90x200
    Nature Mattress 90x200
  • Nature Mattress 90x200
    Nature Mattress 90x200
  • Nature Mattress 90x200
    Nature Mattress 90x200
  • Nature Mattress 90x200
    Nature Mattress 90x200
  • Nature Mattress 90x200
    Nature Mattress 90x200

Nature Mattress 90x200

Brand Green Future • Cod produs 5945878000385

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Nature Mattress 90x200 is designed with different levels of firmness on the 2 sides: softer on the Memory Foam side and slightly firmer on the Latex side. The volumetric fabric cover with bamboo fiber along with Air Free 3D system and the bamboo fiber pad provide thermal comfort throughout the year. The mattress structure was created with high density polyurethane for extensive use and super elastic foam, which helps to keep the spine in the correct position during sleep. The Memory  Foam layer molds to the body, ensuring proper support and relaxation.

Made in Romania.

Nature Mattress 90x200 has three key functions that any quality mattress should have. The first is the orthopedic function, which supports proper spine allignment and joint relaxation. The anatomical function helps to totally relax the musclesfor a healthy blood circulation. The third role that the mattress  fulfills is the ergonomical one, meant to ensure greater sleep comfort.

Mattress structure:

Nature Mattress is made of four parts to ensure the highest level of quality and comfort:

  • 5 cm layer of Intelligent Polyurethane, Latex HD
  • 7 cm layer of Super Elastic Polyurethane, Green Form HD
  • 8 cm layer of Indeformable Polyurethane
  • 3 cm layer of Super Elastic Ppolyurethane, Green Therm Memory HD

The cover is made of bamboo knitted fiber and a combination of wool and bamboo padding.

The thickness of the mattress is 25 cm.

Recommended use:

  • The mattress must be used on a wood or metal frame that allows it to ventilate.
  • The product is recommended for indoor use, in an environment with normal temperature and humidity.
  • We recommend weekly airing the room and exposing the product to fresh air, to prevent mold and accumulation of moisture.
  • The product is not intended for use in humid environments. Avoid liquid leakage and accumulation of moisture in Green Future products.
  • We do not recommend wet cleaning (in case of stains, the products can be cleaned with cold water and detergent, or with professional cleaners for wool and cotton, and dried with an iron.
  • To extend the Life of the mattress, we recommend the purchase of our special Green Future mattress protector. The mattress protector is easy to maintain, it can be washed in the washing machine or by hand with cold water.


Dimensiuni 90x200 cm
Înălțime 25 cm
Greutate 15 kg
Nivel fermitate Dual Confort